About Earthos

Earthos is dedicated to the emergence of sustaining, resilient regions that support local efforts and lead measurably to global sustainability.

Our work focuses on improving the ability to use key renewable resources for prosperity. Key resources include water, land, food, energy, biodiversity, people, and waste-as-resource. We seeks to connect practitioners and researchers across disciplines including, science, design, policy and community. Towards this aim, we are developing a methodology called Bioregional Urbanism. The organization seeks partnerships to inform, develop, use, and test the methodology. To measure how well a each region is doing, we have also developed the Regional Resource Self-Sufficiency Index.

Earthos Institute is a membership based nonprofit that includes designers, artists, policy professionals, environmental/climate scientists, resource related lawyers, community organizers, educators, and writers.

This is the web log of Earthos Institute in Somerville, MA. It is administered by the Earthos Board of Directors with contributions from members, collaborators and those passionate about this work. Blog articles focus on cultivating understanding of key resources and regional systems as they relate to our work and our lives.

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